President: Jack Robbins, 1970

Jack received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry in 1970 and his MBA in 1972 from UA. He is the retired President of Super Sports, Inc., in Tuscaloosa which he co-owns with his brother. A former member of the Million Dollar Band, he is committed to ensuring its success. Jack has been a College of Arts and Sciences board member since 2006 and is involved with many children’s initiatives.

Vice President: Barbara Stone, 1970

Barbara received her undergraduate degree in Music Academics in 1970 from UA. She received her MPA from City University of New York in 1972. Barbara has been a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board since 2001 and is a member of The University of Alabama President’s Cabinet. She has also served on Birmingham Southern College’s Arts Council and UA’s Society for the Fine Arts. A passionate supporter of and advocate for the MDB, Barbara is committed to securing the MDB’s continued success.

Treasurer: Ronny Johnston, 1975

Ronny received his undergraduate degree in Music Education in 1975 and his Master’s in Education in 1977 from UA. Ronny currently serves as the Executive Director for Easter Seals of West Alabama. He has served as a board member for the following non-profit organizations: The Alabama Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Million Dollar Band Association, and the Alabama Mental Health Credit Union. Ronny looks forward to bringing his experiences with the MDB, the MDBA and running non-profits to helping to launch the Friends of the MDB.

Secretary: Robin Rogers, 1978

Robin received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry in 1978 followed by his PhD in Chemistry in 1982 from UA. Robin is known for being a leading researcher in his field, and currently works with the Department of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences. Robin looks forward to re-joining the MDB family and doing all he can to provide support for the current band members.