President: Barbara Stone, 1970

Barbara received her undergraduate degree in Piano Performance in 1970 from UA. She received her master’s in public administration from City University of New York in 1992. Barbara has been a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board since 2001 and is a member of The University of Alabama President’s Cabinet. A passionate supporter of and advocate for the MDB, Barbara is committed to securing the MDB’s continued success

Vice President: Ronny Johnston, 1975

Ronny received his undergraduate degree in Music Education in 1975 and his Master’s in Education in 1977 from UA. Ronny currently serves as the Executive Director for Easter Seals of West Alabama. He has served as a board member for the following non-profit organizations: The Alabama Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Million Dollar Band Association, and the Alabama Mental Health Credit Union. Ronny looks forward to bringing his experiences with the MDB, the MDBA and running non-profits to helping to launch the Friends of the MDB.

Treasurer: Kevin Thomas, 1999

Kevin received his undergraduate degree in Music Education in 1999 and his Master’s in Music Education in 2005. Kevin currently works as the Assistant Principal at Hillcrest High School, where he served as Director of Bands beginning in 2015. From 2005 to 2014, Kevin served as a music consultant and instructor for the Million Dollar Band, as well as an assistant announcer for the MDB at bowl games and appearances around the country. He is excited to continue his avid support of the Million Dollar Band.

Secretary: Tim Paradiso, 1983

Tim received his undergraduate degree in Communications in 1983 from UA.  He currently works for Delta Air Lines in Georgia.  Tim is a big supporter of the Million Dollar Band and is excited to work more closely with the Friends of the Million Dollar Band.