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September 26, 2015

Friends of the Million Dollar Band
Fall 2015 Full Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Moody Music Building, Recital Hall


Attendance:  Mr. Paul Warren Alford, Diane Parker Battles, Mr. William Robert Baccus, Ms. Julie Alice Brand, Mr. Larry G. Canada, Mrs. Sherry Hubbard Coats, Ms. Margaret Cook, Ms. Linda Davidson, Mrs. Beverly Howell Deal, Ms. Katie Flowers, Dr. Timothy G. Gillespie, Mr. Andrew William Green, Ms. Holly Ann Grof, Mr. David Howard, Mrs. Joan Higginbotham Ingram, Dr. Russel Leon Ingram, Mr. Ronny Boyce Johnston, Mrs. Nancy Conner Julich, Mr. Jonathan Kirby, Mrs. Marian Accinno Loftin, Mr. Jeffrey M. Manget, Ms. Lisa M. Martin, Mr. William Thaddeus Mauldin, Mrs. Sheila Pinyan McAnnally, Mr. Terry Carl McAnnally, Ms. Pamela Jo McCollough, Mrs. Martha Seay Miller, Dr. Robert Avery Moore, Mrs. Shirley Brunner Moore, Mrs. Melinda B. Morrison, Ms. Connie J. Morrow, Mr. Roland Lesley Mouchette, Mr. George M. Noblin, Mr. Daniel Proctor, Dr. Terresa Shavawn Randolph, Dr. Wesley Douglas Reynolds, Mr. Jack B. Robbins, Jr., Dr. Robin Don Rogers, Mrs. Barbara Mikloucich Stone, Mr. Albert Israel Tarica, Mrs. Ramona Meadows Tarica, Mr. Christopher J. Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth Wills, Mr. John Wills, Ms. Chandra Carol Wright, Mrs. Amelia Heath Yessick, Dean Robert Olin- Ex-Officio, Dr. Ken Ozello- Ex-Officio, and Ms. Kathy Yarbrough- Ex-Officio 

  1. President Pam McCullough called the meeting to order at 9:55 am. President McCollough welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed her excitement about the activities for Alumni Band Weekend.
  2. Spring 2015 minutes
    President McCullough presented the minutes from the Spring 2015 meeting which were approved with no changes.  President McCollough reminded everyone that business meetings of the board are closed to non-members so that voting can be conducted smoothly.
  3. Dean Olin shared the planning and building projects relating to the Million Dollar Band. This included information on the newly-renovated Butler Field as well as the new wing in the Moody Music Building which will provide space for the Million Dollar Band. Dean Olin also told the board about plans for construction of a parking deck that will replace the flat parking lot across from Moody, provide more parking spaces and includes climate-controlled instrument storage space for the band.
  4. Next, Dr. Ken Ozzello delivered the state of the band report. Dr. Ozzello shared that 550 students auditioned for the Million Dollar Band, 400 of which were selected as members. Next, he shared an overview of various outreach programs that the band conducted so far this fall and he expanded on details of the new Butler Field including its high tech capabilities. Dr. Ozzello introduced two MDB drum majors who gave personal testimonies about performing on the new practice field and the positive impact the new field has on the band’s performances.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. The Executive Committee report was given by President McCullough who stated that agendas for the committees were reviewed and approved. She also told the board the Executive Committee recommends that a new committee be added called the Student Life Ad-Hoc Committee which will include Million Dollar Band members; the purpose will be to hear from MDB members about their challenges and needs.
    2. The Membership Committee report was given by chair Ronny Johnston. Mr. Johnston stated that ten members were present in their committee meeting. He updated the board on current membership which now consists of 194 members, 152 members paid $100.00 or more (including 12 Lifetime Members) and 42 grandfathered in as Lifetime members. There will be a mailing in October to the 4,000 MDB alumni mailing list soliciting new members to join the Friends of the Million Dollar Band. He concluded with challenging all members to recruit at least one new member in the next year.
    3. The Finance Committee report was given by the chair Barbara Stone. Mrs. Stone updated the board on the Friends of the Million Dollar Band account which currently has $23,650.00. Dean Olin agreed to fund the expenses of the Friends for the next four years as he did in the initial year which September 30, 2015. The Finance committee recommended to the board that $25,000.00 be used to endow a scholarship called the “Friends of the Million Dollar Band Endowed Scholarship” with the College of Arts and Sciences contributing $3,000.00 to start the fund. Kathy Yarbrough, Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences, explained that once $25,000.00 is in a new endowed scholarship account, a resolution will written, the Friends of the Million Dollar Band will approve conditions of the resolution, and then President McCollough and Dean Olin will sign on behalf of the organization. There were several questions from board members regarding the scholarship and resolution in terms of wording and approval; these questions were answered by Kathy Yarbrough, Barbara Stone, and Pam McCullough. The Finance Committee also recommended funding the annual end of the season banquet for band members. President McCullough presented a motion to set aside the $25,000.00 for the endowment of the Friends scholarship. The motion was unanimously approved. President McCullough also presented a motion to fund the banquet either partially or fully, funds permitting, with a maximum of $5,000.00. This motion was approved unanimously.
    4. The Events Committee report was given by the chair Jack Robbins. Mr. Robbins stated that the committee brainstormed various ideas for online sales that could raise money for the band as well as ideas on social media promotion for the Friends of the Million Dollar Band. He suggested there be two sub-committees to work on these issues.
    5. The By-Laws Committee report was delivered by the chair Larry Canada. He stated that the By-Laws committee still needs an additional member and that there were no additions or changes to the by-laws at this time. New ideas will be presented at the next board meeting.There was no new business to discuss.
  6. There was no new business to discuss.
  7. The Fall board meeting for the Friends of the Million Dollar Band was adjourned at 10:36 AM on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Respectfully submitted by:  Ronny Johnston, Secretary        Date:  September 26, 2015

April 18, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2015 9:00 – 10:30 am

Board members attending: Dale Boswell, Julie Brand, Larry Canada, Randall Coleman, Margaret Cook, Holly Grof, Diane Kohout, Edward Kohout, Ronny Johnston, Ann Jones, Brett Kirkham, Pam McCollough, Connie Morrow, Heath Nails, George Noblin, Bob Olin, Mary Oliver, Ken Ozzello, Jack Robbins, Skip Snead, Greg Snowden, Barbara Stone, Albert Tarica, Ramona Tarica, Chandra Wright and Kathy Yarbrough.

Dean Bob Olin called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. Dean Olin welcomed everyone to this first meeting of the Friends of the Million Dollar Band and announced that the Friends have 149 members and more than $12,000 in dues to date. He thanked everyone who has worked hard over the past three years and supported the university in getting us to this point. He gave an overview of the exciting things happening for the MDB—renovations to Butler Field, new wing added to Moody Music Building for the band, instrument storage and bathrooms in the new parking structure next to Butler Field, etc. He thanked the Million Dollar Band Association for their years of steadfast support of the band and reported that over the years, they have contributed more than $230,000 to the MDBA Endowed Scholarship. Dean Olin gave a brief overview of how the Friends formed and thanked members of the planning committee who he worked with to draft by-laws and propose the slate of officers.

Dean Olin then presented the by-laws for approval and Larry Canada moved to have the by-laws approved as presented by the Planning Committee. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Dean Olin presented a slate of officers for approval and Larry Canada moved to elect the slate as presented. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Pam McCollough was elected President, Jack Robbins was elected Vice President, Ronny Johnston was elected secretary and Barbara Stone was elected Treasurer. The Dean turned the meeting over to President Pam McCollough.

Ms. McCollough thanked everyone for attending the meeting and for their support of the band. She introduced the officers and stated her gratitude for the long years of service by the MDBA. She then introduced Ken Ozzello, director of the Million Dollar Band.

Dr. Ozzello gave a power point presentation on the current status of the band. He announced that Alumni Band weekend will be Louisiana-Monroe on September 26. He welcomed Million Dollar Band members, Jessica Palmer, drum major and Music Education major and Sara Beth Yates, clarinet and Chemical Engineering major, to speak about their experiences in the band.

Ms. McCollough then spoke about the importance of Board members participating on a committee. She asked Jack Robbins to talk about the events committee, Ronny Johnston to speak about the membership committee and Larry Canada to talk about the by-laws committee. She encouraged everyone to serve on a committee as that is where the work of the board will be done.

Under New Business, the following questions and comments were discussed:

• It was suggested that an open house be held when the new wing of Moody is opened to encourage folks to join the Friends.

• There was a suggestion that having a membership table at band initiation weekend would be helpful.

• One member asked about donating directly to the endowed scholarship—checks can be made payable to The University of Alabama with a designation that the gift is for the MDB scholarship and sent to Kathy Yarbrough, College of Arts and Sciences, Box 870268, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

• A member asked about the support of the Athletics Program which covers the operating expenses of the band.

• One member asked how the Friends will communicate with Board Members: the Friends have a website where information will be distributed to Board members, there will be mailings and email to discuss specific issues (i.e. meeting times and dates, committee work, distribution of minutes, etc.) and a newsletter will be produced twice a year.

It was announced that lunch was being provided for all Board members courtesy of the School of Music and that 10% of purchases at Newk’s today would be given to the School of Music if you said when ordering that you support music education.

President McCollough adjourned the meeting at 10:30 am.